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Hey There! My name is Dom.

I am the owner and lead personal trainer here at Personal Trainer Adelaide!

I aim to provide clients with the knowledge and confidence required to achieve their goals inside and outside the gym.

I have been active for most of my life, starting sports when I was 8 years old and then eventually transitioning to resistance training in the gym, and I truly believe it is an essential part of life. My goal as a trainer is to instil that belief in my clients so that they are not only confident enough to do any exercise/workout that they would like to do by themselves, but to also create lifelong habits and discipline that will progress them in the gym and in all other aspects of life. View my personal training certifications below!

Why Choose
Personal Trainer Adelaide?

qualified personal trainers adelaide

Fully Qualified

Qualified with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science from The University of South Australia!

vetted personal trainers adeliade

Experienced PT

Years of experience both in the gym and personal training hundreds of local Aussie men and women!

flexible personal trainers adelaide

Flexible Hours

Flexible around your time and schedule. Regardless of your busy schedule, we can fit in personal training.

results based personal training adelaide

Results Driven

Results driven to help you achieve your goals. Achieve your goals quickly and enjoy the process!

Where Are We Located In Adelaide?

270 North East Road, Klemzig SA 5064, Australia

Personal Trainer Adelaide FAQ

Is it worth paying for a personal trainer?

Inveting in a personal fitness trainer, although perceived as a luxury item for those on a tight budget, can greatly enhance workout outcomes. Improving health and fitness can result in a higher quality of life and potentially lower healthcare costs in the long run, making it a valuable investment.

How many times a week do you need a personal trainer?

The frequency of training with a personal trainer is usually one to three times per week. If budget is a concern, training once per week with a personal trainer and solo training at least one other time is sufficient. If a faster learning pace and potentially greater long-term gains are desired, then training three times per week with a personal trainer is recommended.

How much should you spend on a personal trainer?

The national average cost of a personal trainer ranges from $50 to $150 per hour, with rates in larger metropolitan areas typically being higher, around $100 per hour or more. The amount to spend on a personal trainer depends on one’s budget and location.

What is the difference between a good fitness trainer and a personal trainer?

The main difference between a fitness coach and a personal trainer is their area of focus. A fitness coach assists individuals in weight loss or maintenance through fitness, while a personal trainer emphasises performance goals such as increasing strength, speed, agility, and power. Additionally, personal trainers may also offer support to individuals recovering from injury.

What does a personal trainer do for you?

Personal trainers act as fitness experts, providing education on proper exercise form and technique, promoting accountability towards fitness goals, and designing personalised workout plans based on individual health and fitness needs. They offer a combination of education, motivation, and tailored support to assist clients in reaching their fitness goals.

How long does it take to see results with a personal trainer?

Consistent training with a personal trainer for three months can produce positive results. Two sessions per week with a personal trainer can result in noticeable improvements in energy levels and strength within 4 to 8 weeks.

Do you really need a personal trainer?

Having a personal trainer for guidance on proper exercise form and technique can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a workout and reduce the risk of injury. Their expertise in ensuring correct positioning and tailored support can improve results and make their presence valuable in enhancing exercise outcomes.

Can you lose weight with a personal trainer?

Personal Trainers often use motivational techniques to encourage individuals to maintain their workout regimen, leading to weight loss and accomplishment of other fitness goals. By taking a comprehensive approach to training, Personal Trainers can help individuals reach their weight loss goals.

Local Adelaide Testimonials

Adam Khouri
Adam Khouri
Verified Google Review
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The team at Personal Trainer Adelaide are extremely friendly, passionate, and skilled. Their belief in attaining a harmonious and pleasurable way of living has inspired me to adopt healthier habits in my daily routine. They demonstrated a deep understanding of my objectives and guided me in incorporating exercise and other beneficial practices into my life to reach those goals. I gained a wealth of knowledge from the team, not just about effective and efficient workout techniques but also about managing exercise alongside my other responsibilities and passion for food. They accommodated my schedule, offering flexibility to meet all of my requirements. I wholeheartedly endorse the team at Personal Trainer Adelaide!
Leo Hildebrand
Leo Hildebrand
Verified Google Review
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If you're searching for a personal trainer, please contact Personal Trainer Adelaide. Under their guidance, my confidence and grasp of proper techniques have significantly improved in the past few months. Their approach to training is highly professional and filled with passion. I'm extremely pleased with my results, and I sincerely appreciate their efforts. What are you waiting for? We all have to begin somewhere. Remember, health is invaluable!
Leo S
Leo S
Verified Google Review
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Personal Trainer Adelaide is an incredibly professional, well-informed, and amiable personal training business. I recommend them to anyone aiming to accomplish their fitness objectives. They tailor sessions to your specific needs and attentively listen to you. Thanks to their pt sessions and recommendations, both my partner and I were able to attain our goals. Thumbs up!
Anuj Sharma
Anuj Sharma
Verified Google Review
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Personal Trainer Adelaide is a very professional & well-informed personal training business. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone aiming to accomplish their objectives. They tailor their sessions to your specific needs and attentively listen to you. Thumbs up! 🙂
Ben Mattei
Ben Mattei
Verified Google Review
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I've been working out with the trainers from Personal Trainer Adelaide for the past 12 weeks, and I can't emphasise enough how highly I recommend them. Personal Trainer Adelaide is an enthusiastic and inspiring organisation that goes above and beyond to assist you in reaching your goals. Throughout these 12 weeks, Personal Trainer Adelaide crafted a program that surpassed my expectations, resulting in significant strength gains. Moreover, Personal Trainer Adelaide offers invaluable guidance on making lifestyle changes, leading me to quit smoking and adopt healthier eating habits. If you're seeking a personal trainer who practices what they teach in a constructive and motivating manner, I strongly encourage you to visit Personal Trainer Adelaide. You won't be let down.
Jeremy Smolicz
Jeremy Smolicz
Verified Google Review
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I've been working out with Personal Trainer Adelaide for a little over three months. Personal Trainer Adelaide has a great mindset and turns training into a pleasant activity. Personal Trainer Adelaide's well-structured training methods ensure that every session is well-prepared. I strongly endorse Personal Trainer Adelaide's services and will definitely keep training with him. Thank you, Personal Trainer Adelaide, for all your dedication and effort!

Personal Training For Everyone In Adelaide

Personal Training For Kids

Kids Fitness is an important part of getting healthy and staying healthy. Encouraging children to be active from a young age sets good habits early on and helps them develop the skills they need to stay active throughout their lives. While most adults think kids personal training is about working out at a gym or lifting weights, but for kids, it is about being active running about doing the things kids do. Kids Fitness includes sport at school, playing at recess, dancing, soccer or netball training or riding their bikes and skateboards.

Personal training provides a secure and efficient approach for seniors and older individuals to improve their overall health and enhance their quality of life as they age. Strength training enhances physical strength, functional abilities, balance, and mobility. It also promotes stronger bones, reduced body fat, and increased participation in activities like golf, bowls, hiking, and various fitness endeavours, improving self-confidence. Through our Adelaide personal training programs, we have witnessed numerous clients experiencing enhanced golf, tennis, and bowling skills.

Personal Training For Pregnancy

Personal Trainer Adelaide is your go-to for personalised fitness training for expectant mums. Our team of experienced trainers will provide you with safe and effective workouts to help keep you active and healthy throughout your pregnancy. With the right guidance, exercising during pregnancy can bring many benefits, such as improved posture, muscle tone and a reduction in fatigue. At Personal Trainer Adelaide, we’re passionate about helping mums-to-be reach their best possible health and wellness during pregnancy. Browse our directory of personal trainers today and start your journey to a fit and healthy pregnancy.

Qualified & Accredited
Personal Trainer Adelaide

As the owner and lead personal trainer at Personal Trainer Adelaide, I am dedicated to delivering my clients the utmost care and professionalism. I possess a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science from the University of South Australia.

This certification showcases my extensive knowledge and specialised skills, enabling me to offer tailored individual and group training to help local Adelaide people achieve their fitness goals!

Personal Training Class Styles Offered

HIIT Training

Transform your fitness routine with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in Adelaide! HIIT is a cardiovascular exercise that involves alternating short, intense bursts of activity with periods of lower intensity recovery. Maximise your workout time and experience improved cardiovascular fitness, metabolism, and fat burning. HIIT can be performed with running, cycling, or bodyweight exercises and is a great option for those with busy schedules. With personal training in Adelaide, you can receive expert guidance to get the most out of your HIIT routine and reach your fitness goals!

1 on 1 Personal Training

With one-on-one personal training from Personal Trainer Adelaide, your trainer will design workout sessions tailored to your individual needs and goals. They’ll keep an eye on your progress and technique, encouraging you to give it your all. The training environment is safe, supportive, and personalised. All trainers are fully qualified and insured. Personal Trainer Adelaide stays up-to-date with the latest training techniques and uses state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring you get the best possible training experience. Reach your fitness goals with confidence in a fun and supportive setting.

Small Group Training

Small group training in Adelaide offers the chance to receive the inspiration and guidance of a professional trainer in a cost-effective and intimate setting. Rather than breaking the bank for one-on-one training sessions, individuals can split the cost among a small group and still receive personalised attention from the trainer. Additionally, with smaller group sizes, participants can spend more quality time with the trainer for the same amount of money, leading to a more impactful workout experience. So, if you want to achieve your fitness goals and save money, small group training in Adelaide is the perfect solution.

Boxing Classes

Transform yourself with a personalised boxing training experience in Adelaide that improves physical fitness, self-defence skills, and coordination. With a full-body workout focusing on strengthening your core, improving endurance and stamina, and increasing upper-body strength, boxing is a great way to relieve stress and boost confidence. Enhance your training with a dedicated personal trainer who will guide you every step of the way. For your comfort, it’s recommended to bring your boxing gloves and wraps to the session. Get ready to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with this dynamic training experience.

Fitness Classes

At Personal Trainer Adelaide, we are dedicated to providing exceptional fitness classes led by the best personal trainers in Adelaide. Our trainers are experienced and will work with you to create a customised workout plan that meets your fitness goals, whether weight loss, improved athletic performance, or overall wellness. With our small group training, you can enjoy the benefits of a personal trainer, including motivation and creativity, at an affordable cost. Our trainers lead dynamic and comprehensive full-body workouts that push you to reach new heights while providing ongoing support and encouragement. Start your journey to a healthier fitter by joining one of our fitness classes today!


Nutrition programs in Adelaide provide customised meal planning and education by certified nutritionists to help achieve health and wellness goals. Our trained nutritionists cater to individual needs and support in reaching desired outcomes. Whether aiming to lose weight, improve athletic performance, or maintain a healthy diet, our programs offer guidance and support. Our nutritionists address various health concerns and encourage a healthy relationship with food through education on balanced meals, portion control, and nutrient-rich foods. Experience comprehensive, personalised nutrition programs in Adelaide today!

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