Five Keys To Choosing A Personal Trainer

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If you look around any training room, you will notice that more and more people are using the services of a personal trainer. Nowadays, it is a very common practice that is available to everyone. But not all trainers are the most suitable for us. This post focuses on five aspects to consider when choosing a personal trainer.

When choosing a personal trainer, we must be very clear about what we want to achieve. Generally, a personal trainer tends to be more specialised in a certain discipline than another. It is therefore important that we have a meeting with them beforehand in which they explain what their specialities are. This will also help us make first contact with the trainer and determine whether we can connect with them. But more is needed; we still have to consider many other things.

Word of mouth does a lot in these cases. As always said, references will make us choose one alternative or another. It is, therefore, a good idea to pay attention to the opinions of acquaintances at the gym, friends who use the services of a trainer… All of them can help us to make a better choice. But we must remember that, in the end, it is subjective, so there are many other technical points to consider when choosing a personal trainer.

The perfect trainer should be concerned with the perfect execution of the routines. First of all, let’s look at your routines. A good personal trainer should ensure we perform the exercises perfectly. To know whether this is the case, it is important to look at his explanations. They should always explain the technique and the movement in detail. The weight we will use and the results we will achieve should take second place. Depending on the trainer that you choose, could affect how often you need to see your personal trainer.

Above all, the main priority must be learning and gradually getting a correct base to progress. When choosing a good trainer, the second point is to know if they listen to us. It is true that there will be exercises that are easier for us to do and others that are more difficult and that we don’t like to do. But many times we have to do them. It is different if the exercise is so complicated that our abilities prevent us from doing it well. In this case, a good trainer must know how to cut before hurting ourselves and, above all, know which exercises best suit our countenance and experience. A good trainer must innovate and be aware of trends. Innovation in routines and changes to them must be other points to bear.

A good trainer must ensure that we do not fall into monotony. Most of us turn to their services when we are stuck. A good personal trainer can have alternatives, keep up to date with new trends, and apply them to your daily routines. The effect on our workouts will be immediate without us even realising it. The trainer must be concerned that we learn to stand independently. As a fourth point to consider when determining whether our trainer is good or not, we must pay close attention to whether or not the trainer is concerned that we learn. A good coach should never be humble. The benefits of hiring a personal trainer are great! Which means when you’re picking a trainer, make sure the tick all the boxes.

It is good that they help us complete the routines, especially at the beginning of learning. But it is good and necessary that they teach us the techniques, the loads, the reasons why it is necessary to follow an order in the execution of the exercises… The objective is always to progress, and a good trainer must let us, at some point, leave to fend for ourselves. A good trainer will never force us to do something that puts us at risk. A good trainer will never force us to do something that puts our physical integrity at risk. That is why we need to keep this in mind if our coach demands high goals that we cannot achieve.

He needs to listen to our requirements and take our tastes into account. The best thing to do is to try another one for a season. Variation is often necessary to choose and get the perfect trainer.

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