How to gain muscle mass with a personal trainer?

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Effective training plan

With a personal trainer to increase muscle mass, you will learn how to train for real, carrying out a training routine that makes the most of each muscle fibre so that they grow, with a programme that is adapted to your characteristics and a suitable intensity to achieve solid results that are maintained over the years.

Correct exercise technique

We teach you the exercises that maximise the results in muscle mass gain and do not put your health at risk, as we take care of teaching you the correct technique and thus minimise the risk of injury. You will train with high weights in the fitness room. Correct execution of the exercises is one of the keys to achieving optimal results.

Nutrition plan

Nutritional habits and the amount of food we eat are among the most important pillars for gaining muscle and performing with more energy and vitality in training. An online sports nutritionist will design a nutritional plan for you to achieve the best results.

Sports Supplements

Suppose you are a person who has been training for a long time. In that case, suitable sports supplements will help you recover faster after a training session, have more energy before physical activity, etc. What are the steps to follow to achieve results with personal training to increase muscle mass? First of all, we will conduct a study to evaluate various parameters such as: if you have trained before, what type of training you have done, etc. To make a table divided into three phases. 

First phase: we will plan the training with a view beyond the plan you will hire to have a structure to develop the second phase. 

Second phase: here, we will develop the exercises for the month or months contracted based on the previous structure.

Third phase: we will follow up to check the progress in case any exercise needs to be modified due to fatigue or any other incident. This training programme aims to increase your muscle mass rapidly, minimising fat gain with the help of a diet specifically for this objective. To do this, for each month you are with us, we will adjust your diet if necessary. This will include the energy intake that the nutritionist deems appropriate to increase the effectiveness of your progress.

Our nutritional guidelines and advice will, in turn, provide you with healthier habits in the long term—all of the above-combined result in solid, effective and accelerated progress. Our training system The design of all our programmes is structured and organised to achieve your goals realistically. We will focus on the areas where you want to gain muscle mass without losing sight of the whole body (back, biceps, pecs…); with our training, you can train anywhere, whether at home, in your gym, park, etc… For this, we use different methods with a wide variety of exercises, considering each client’s range of possibilities. From exercises in the fitness room, callisthenics, and cross-training in a small space… combined with cardio exercises at different work intensities. 

We apply fitness principles as efficiently as possible so that you reach your desired goal as quickly as possible. You can also look for a personal trainer in Adelaide to increase your muscle mass if you need face-to-face training.

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