How Often Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

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At the beginning of a training relationship, a personal trainer will assess your fitness level and muscle imbalances and help you set reasonable goals. By designing a programme that considers the above aspects, a personal trainer can best help you achieve your fitness goals.

Hire A Personal Trainer

After that, your trainer will guide you through the programme, ensuring that you stay in proper shape, avoid injury and achieve the desired results, whether to build muscle, lose weight or for a specific sport or activity.

The choice of a trainer will determine the frequency you need to meet your core goal. Throughout this professional relationship, your trainer will give you words of encouragement and support to keep you motivated and progressing.

New To Exercise?

If you are new to exercise or haven’t exercised in a long time, you should meet with your trainer two to three times a week, as this regularity will ensure that you develop proper form in all exercises.

Muscle has memory and is powerful, so you don’t want to learn bad habits in the gym because they will hinder your results and possibly contribute to injury. Speaking of results, if you’re wondering how long it can take to see results with a personal trainer, it ultimately comes down to 3 main factors, your nutrition, sleep and training.

After seeing your trainer consistently for two or three months, reduce the sessions to once a week or monthly.

Are you an athlete?

If you are an athlete, a personal trainer can help you develop a muscle-specific strengthening programme to improve performance in your sport and reduce the risk of injury.

This programme should include exercises for a balanced physique to work dominant and antagonistic muscles. This type of personal training can be a single session with general recommendations, weekly or season-long sessions. If you’re looking for personal training in Adelaide, Dominic at Personal Trainer Adelaide are here to help you achieve your fitness goals at his local Klemzig based pt studio!

A personal trainer is better than a running partner

Suppose you have a 5km race or marathon coming up. In that case, a personal trainer can help you prepare for race day with a progressive training programme, especially if you are new to running, to improve your finishing time and reduce the risk of injury, and this can be done in one session or weekly sessions leading up to the event.

The personal trainer for fitness

If you’re a gym-goer but have stopped seeing good results, you should work with a trainer for a month or two. They can assess your current routine and make recommendations for progression or design a complete programme for you to work on together. If you’re unsure on how to choose your personal trainer, the first thing you should focus on is ensuring you enjoy their personality and training style.

Whatever the case, the more time you spend with a trainer, the greater the benefit.

After six to eight weeks, with one or two sessions per week, you will probably have developed new habits. You will see a noticeable improvement, and you can decide whether to continue seeing the personal trainer or exercise independently.

So the frequency is linked to your factors and circumstances.

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